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When it comes to web development, the back end forms the foundation of the website or application. The rear end needs to be healthy and well-built so that the front-end can work smoothly and as intended. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to rectify mistakes later on when you have already built upon the flawed backend code. You will then have to correct your errors from the ground up and alter all the code and logic that you had created based on them. Therefore, it is only fair that there should be suitable tools, resources, and support to make it easier to build a robust, bug-less backend code body. 

PHP is one of the most popular coding languages used for backend web development. Most programming languages employ various frameworks to make it easier to design the sites or applications based on that language. While PHP’s popularity has resulted in the development of quite a few frameworks, the one that is in peak popularity right now is Laravel. Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, the framework is free, open-source, and based on the MVC architecture. It is loaded with advantages and features, which contribute to its popularity among web developers.

Laravel is a highly dynamic framework that comes with such easy syntax that it reduces the learning curve significantly for learners and advanced developers. It is flexible and scalable with your website or app. One of the biggest pros of Laravel is its customizability. Moreover, the packaging of Laravel allows it to work with different libraries and support software. It has built-in security and testing-debugging features which reduces the work of web developers by several degrees. Whether you want a simple, static website or a complex web portal with a high level of interactivity, you can create sites of all levels of complexity using Laravel.

But despite such astounding features, using Laravel is not at all child’s play. You still need expert web development services to produce the result you are expecting. It can be challenging to find the right people who will appreciate and share your vision, and who can translate it into reality. Despite making PHP easier, Laravel requires an experienced hand to work. With the right people on your side, the site or app you are looking to build will be done smoothly and work like a charm. 

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