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The best way to attract customers and visitors is by ranking high on the Google Map listings for local businesses. Since a more significant percentage of people will look up a business online before visiting it or buying from it, being visible on the top has many perks. One of the standard features you notice in the local businesses that rank at the top of Google Map listings is that they have many reviews and ratings by customers. Some even add pictures to corroborate their views on the business. The better the studies, the better the rank of the company, and the greater its visibility in the Local 3-pack or the Google Maps list, especially in “Near me” or “in [location]” searches.

However, these reviews also need to appear authentic to Google for them to remain on the listing. If Google suspects that a genuine customer has not written a review, it will remove the statement from the listing. This helps keep things real in the online Google Maps or Google My Business profile of a company so that prospective customers can get an accurate picture of the business’s quality and performance. After all, these reviews and ratings are one of the significant factors that influence customers’ decisions on whether to go with a business or not.

For a large or well-established business, this will not be an issue. They will already have many customers and would be more than happy to provide useful reviews. However, for a fledgeling company or new venture, this is not a possibility. They have no customers yet, so they will not get any reviews. So, when people looking for the same products or services as the company provides search for it online, they will never find them in the Google Maps listings, leading to no reviews. Thus, businesses get stuck in a vicious cycle. The only way to get out of this is by buying sponsored reviews. 

Kevin Max can help you increase organic reviews on your Google Map listing quickly. Using unique IPs and Gmail accounts, absolutely organic reviews are created to look genuinely created by an actual customer. Whether you want an India or USA review, you will get them at the most affordable rates here.

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