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What Are Your Options For Using Link-Building Services for SEO

Building links is one of the most challenging jobs that an SEO expert has. It is even more challenging to build quality backlinks to your content. Yet, link-building is one of Google’s main parameters to decide the authority of pages and rank them in searches. It would surprise you to know that 94% of the Internet content does not have any external links, and only 2.2% have more than one. It puts even more responsibility on people tasked with marketing content to have a solid SEO strategy that puts extra emphasis on vital link-building with long-lasting effects. 

Essential Factors For Assessing Links

On average, the page that ranks first in a Google search has 3.8 times more backlinks than the rest on the page. However, it is not just the number of important links. Excellent link-building service is one that takes into account the following while building links:

  • Domain Authority – This refers to the weightage or value of the domain from which the link originates.
  • Page Authority – It pertains to the value of a single linked page only.
  • Anchor Text – There is debate regarding its fundamental importance in link-building. However, crawlers do use anchor text to assess the relevance of the link.
  • Number Of Links – The number of links to your page is the easiest and crudest measure of authority.
  • Root Domains – This is a more accurate representation of a link’s quality as it indicates how many different entities considered your content valuable.
  • Position Of Links – It is an indication of how significant the link is to your content.
  • Link Relevance – The closer the relationship between the linked contents, the greater is the link relevance.

Best Link-Building Services To Use For SEO

If you want to build links to your site, the best options to go with are:

  • In-House SEO Expert Or Marketer – Most companies have their team of marketing and SEO professionals who work with content writers to build up links to their content.
  • SEO Agencies – A lot of businesses prefer to outsource their link-building needs to SEO agencies. These agencies handle not only link-building but also other aspects of SEO.
  • Content Marketing Agencies – Content marketing agencies are a broader category over SEO agencies. They take care of all the marketing needs of a company, including SEO and link-building.
  • Guest Posting Services – Some agencies exist that create and publish guest posts that will link back to your concern. 
  • Outreach Services – Outreach programs work by reaching out to bloggers, writers, and editors and asking them to include backlinks to your site on their created content.
  • Freelancer Gigs – Many freelancers also do link-building gigs out of freelancing sites. They provide these services on a smaller scale and only do link-building work. 


Unless you are an expert, the most sensible course of outsourcing your link-building to an external service is that they are better positioned to build links and ensure that all the links are high-quality and not acquired using unscrupulous methods. 

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