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Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Google My Business Profile

In the past few years, the number of people who look for local research businesses online or search for local information has increased by leaps and bounds. According to Google, local intent was behind 46% of all searches. Therefore, it has become even more critical for businesses to ramp up their local SEO strategies. Ranking on Google can boost your conversion rates significantly. According to BrightLocal, 5% of GMB listings lead to some form of engagement like calls, clickthroughs, or requests for direction. One of the most critical steps in this process is optimizing your profile on Google My Business. 

Features To Take Advantage Of On Google My Business

When you set up or claim your GMB profile and log into your account, you will see a sidebar with various options that open different tabs. You can manage your profile and account from here. These options are:

  • Home – Contains all the details of your business
  • Posts – Lists all the content posts that you have created which users can view
  • Info – Allows you to edit the information about your business
  • Insights – Provides analytical data regarding the engagement of your profile with customers
  • Reviews – Displays all the reviews customers have left that you can respond to
  • Messaging – Shows the messages that customers send to you for you to reply to
  • Photos – Keeps the pictures you post of your business or shop
  • Website – Leads you to the GMB website that people can quickly access for more significant details
  • Users – Has the details of all the users of the GMB profile

Besides these, customers can also ask questions or suggest edits to your profile that you should provide or implement. That way, people will understand that you consider their opinions and feelings seriously.

How To Boost Your GMB Profile

The following tips are paramount for giving your GMB profile a boost in local searches:

  • The first step undoubtedly is to create your profile or claim it if it already exists.
  • Do not leave out any details when filling out your information on your profile.
  • Make sure all the information is accurate and keep them updated at all times, especially your NAP details.
  • Add labels and categories as, on average, 84% of businesses are found from discovery searches.
  • Write a detailed but straightforward business description that is an accurate representation of your brand.
  • Keep updating the photo lists on your profile regularly, especially with customers and whenever there is a significant makeover.
  • Always respond to all reviews positively, as 97% of customers consider it a factor influencing their decision.
  • Similarly, respond to questions, reply to messages, and edit suggestions.
  • Also, regularly make posts that are relevant to the local customer base.
  • Put up your latest offers and product launches on your profile.
  • Leverage local keywords in the content on your profile.


Almost every customer checks a business out on Google nowadays before visiting it physically or buying from it. Your Google My Business profile works as the perfect window to your brand in Google searches. Its contribution to your business will be irreplaceable.

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