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Leverage Google Local Service Ads For Better Reach

2015, albeit as Home Service Ads in the beta phase. This feature made it even easier for customers to find out the closest services in their locality. Simultaneously, local businesses also got to connect with local consumers better and get more business out of it.

BrightLocal found that Local Service ads attracted 13.8% of all local search clicks. The study also showed how, while organic results still got the most clicks, Local Service Ads, where present, would divert a significant chunk of those clicks to themselves. When 86% of customers look for local services on the Internet, Local Service ads are the most effective way to cultivate these customers for local businesses.

How To Use Google Local Service Ads

To sign up for Google Local Service ads, the first thing you need to do is to see that you are eligible for it. You can check if you qualify for the feature on Google itself. Once you have confirmed it, you will have to sign up as a Local Service provider. It is different from a Google My Business listing profile. After you have filled up your business details, you will be asked to provide your insurance, license, and registration details. 

To ensure that you are a legitimate business, Google will do a background check into your company or service. It is done through Pinkerton. Next, you have to set your budget according to the number of leads you expect to get per week. All you have to do now is start your ads and manage your profile to attract the maximum customers.

Advantages Of Google Local Service Ads

If you are a home service provider, there are many benefits to signing up for Google Local Service Ads. The following are some of these:

  • Having a Local Service ad ensures maximum visibility to customers in your area. 
  • The clickthrough rate of Local Service ads is higher than traditional paid ads. 
  • It is easier to get in touch with customers with a higher guarantee of being hired.
  • You can leverage the many tools that come with a Local Services account to improve your profile and increase visibility.
  • You only have to pay for the leads who contact you through the ad and not just for clicks.
  • This pay-per-lead policy also means that your ad attracts real customers and not just browsers.
  • The mobile app allows you to get in touch with a customer instantly.
  • If you have been awarded the Google Guarantee or Google Screened badge, it works as a sign of reliability and trust for customers.


Over the years, Google has introduced many features that have made life easier for customers while providing better sellers with opportunities to improve their business. Taking advantage of these facilities can significantly impact local businesses and service providers’ success without being a financial burden.

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