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If Unique Content Is The King, Relevant Content Is The Queen


A 1996 essay by Bill Gates introduced the concept of “Content is king”. Over two decades later, the veracity of this statement continues to be proved more than ever. Today, no matter who is trying to run a business, unless they create content in some form or the other to cater to their target demographic, chances are they are losing out on a huge chunk of business. Customer behaviour has changed drastically to a more internet-trusting, research-doing, value-seeking one. Therefore, it is essential to adapt and cater to this new generation with content that is unique and highly relevant.

Why Is Relevance So Essential In Content

Say you have a clothing business and your customer base consists mostly of people in the lower-earning brackets. Say, right now, sportswear and athleisure are highly in demand. Now, if you start writing content about Nike, Reebok, and Yeezys rather than on how to mix and match low-price clothing to achieve a fashionable look, do you think you will get a lot of visitors? It is improbable. 

Thus, even if your content was unique, it did not get many takers because there weren’t many takers to start with in the first place. This is why relevance is significant. If your customers, current or prospective, do not find your content relevant to their lives, they will not consume it, and your marketing strategy will fail.

How To Make Relevant Content Without Compromising On Uniqueness

Suppose someone has already written on a topic relevant in your field at the moment, especially someone of higher Internet authority. In that case, chances are people will go to the first and ignore you altogether. Here is how you can avoid this situation:

  • Explore the already-published content to find areas that are yet to be addressed and write on that.
  • Do a thorough research of your target demographic to find issues that they are most plagued by and yet to find solutions to.
  • Create a foolproof content strategy that allows you to address subjects in the order that customers ask.
  • Ensure that your content guides a potential buyer throughout their customer journey.
  • Interact with your visitors and consider their feedback.


Just like the business itself, the customer always comes first when creating content. If what you provide does not somehow add value to your customers’ lives, they will find no reason to use your products and services anymore. 

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