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Content Marketing: The Best Way To Build Links


In an age where everybody wants to have visible, tangible evidence of value to themselves over being “told” about it before choosing a product, marketing can be challenging. There can be a fragile line between outbound and inbound marketing, in some markets, especially so. Knowing the right way to toe that line is essential if you want to be relevant in a highly dynamic and most unforgiving market. One of the surefire ways to convince your customers that you are reliable is showing them that the experts in that area think you are. When it comes to content marketing, this is established through link-building.

Why Links In Your Content Is Important

There are several ways in which links can improve your content’s perceived quality in the eyes of not only your visitors but also search engines. For one, Google, and subsequently, other search engines too, consider quality links as a sign of expertise, reliability, and authoritativeness (EAT). In response, the search engine will rank your content higher in SERPs. 

Second, when another well-known and respected individual or concern links to your content, people will know that your content has value since experts are pointing towards you. Moreover, since these experts get way more traffic on their sites, some of it rubs off on you when visitors view their page, they are likely to click on the link back to you. 

Content Marketing Strategies To Build Links

You cannot only expect people to link back to your content without motivation; you have to work for it. Here are some of the things you may try to build links with content marketing:

  • Write relevant content by doing thorough research on what is in demand in your line of business.
  • Find inspiration in what others in your field are doing.
  • Audit your site regularly to find broken links and contact the linking site owner to ask them to link to the correct place.
  • Browse for content that you feel can benefit from the information you provide and ask them to create backlinks to you.
  • Tie up with complementary businesses to run a campaign together.
  • You can also collaborate with influencers for links.
  • Guest blogging, interviews, case studies, expert contributions, research papers, surveys, etc., are highly effective techniques.


A sustainable link-building strategy will produce long-lasting effects in terms of traffic and leads for your business. Innovative content marketing will build up your Internet reputation and consequently, help your business flourish.

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